The only energy supply that will always be available is electricity. Until now, heating your property with electricity was expensive, inflexible and in some cases with storage heaters bulky and unattractive.  
If you are considering replacing your bulky and old fashioned storage heaters and have considered any of the following makes Fischer, Sunflow, Bright Heating and are concerned about the size and weight and obtrusive design. 
Welcome to the new world of highly efficient, controllable Electric Central Heating from Eco Heating. 
Please contact us for our lightweight modern economic solution of aluminium radiators that in most cases will not need a re-wire as we use your existing supply to your present storage heaters. 
This minimises disruption and will convert your home heating to a modern efficient , attractive and fully controllable system at a very competitive price. 
At Eco Heating we are not tied to one supplier for our electric central heating products. We have a number of products available from the highly efficient Farho Range to our highly efficient infrared ranges. 
We also have available our superb and stylish Warmwave range comprising radiators that look like a large globe hanging from the ceiling the Warmwave Globe or the beautiful Marble range also from Warmwave. 
Because we have such a large range of products we can recommend the best solution for your needs. This is where we differ from other suppliers we do not sell direct from our website as each individual property or customer is unique and requires a different solution. 
Our customers also value the advice we can give with regard to the correct tariffs to be on and how if they have Economy 7 to move to a single tariff product. Installation of electric central heating requires careful planning to install and also to make sure you are installing the right product for your needs, after all you can't change your mind after the event. 
You can mix and match our products so you may want your visitors to walk through your front door to feel the warm soft heat from our Kalima mirror range which sends waves of heat and reflecting light giving the illusion of more space. In the rest of the house utilise the highly efficient Farho range however, in the bathroom you may want the visual impact of a Thermoglance towel rail. Whatever your needs Eco Heating will have a cost effective solution. 
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